Government Ratings Reports

GovChat Government Ratings Reports 1


Across South Africa there are accounts and reports of citizens experiencing waiting in long queues. Not only is this frustrating for many South African citizens, but it is also a strain on the government facility and its resources (with the addition of being a health risk for example during the Covid-19 pandemic). The challenge posed to the South African government is to develop a system whereby citizens are able to give feedback on government facilities and services in order to identify and prioritise the improvement of certain aspects.


GovChat formulated a response in order to assist the South African government with the ability to do this. GovChat gives South African citizens the digitised ability, at scale, to rate public service and infrastructure via their mobile phones or computers. Citizens are able to choose from any number of government facilities, from police stations to post offices, schools and home affairs offices – in order to assist government in finding ways to improve these for the benefit of all South Africans.


The result of this direct digitised reporting on government services and facilities has so far proven to be a success, with over 40,000 ratings of government facilities across all government institutions within a few weeks. The insights generated by such engagement are invaluable to government in developing a clearer and more detailed macro and micro view of where service and support is lacking across the country, and the ability to more efficiently and effectively tend to facilities where improvement is required.